Move over, les Aristochats: Le Café des Chats opens in Paris


Good news for ailurophiles visiting Paris: our furry French friends (and I don’t mean the mecs) have taken over a brand new crowd-funded salon de thé in the fashionable Marais district.

Rendezvous with the twelve adorable residents of Le Café des Chats, each selected with love and care from animal shelters to spend their days in the lap of luxury — or indeed in the lap of anyone they choose — imparting ronronthérapie (‘purr therapy,’ that’s the scientific term) and relaxed vibes while you sip your café crème.

There are strict rules in place to maintain all-round hygiene and the well-being of the cats, but they basically roam free over two levels, curling up atop the piano or in plush leather seats and comfy corners of this rock-den.

I used reverse psychology and a dangling toy to district the inquisitive black-and-white Orea from my salmon salad — feeding is forbidden — while the regal Khalessi lolled like a Manet nude on a nearby canapé as my artist companion sketched her from life.

For the craziest among you cat-lovers, there’s even a carte de fidélité for repeat ronronthérapie sessions. Make a booking; apparently there’s a month-long waiting list for weekends.

2013-11-06 17.24.35

Le Café des Chats
16 rue Michel Le Comte, 75003 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)9 73 53 35 81
Métro: Rambuteau